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About Us


The Kailua Culture

Vision, missions and values!

Kailua Culture

The Company’s vision is to grow in various units of Kailua restaurants, with a sustained growth always looking for the opportunity, in beach areas. A sustainable franchise vision, WITH presence in several beaches in Portugal and abroad.

Kailua’s mission is to create unique experiences for all beach lovers. The time lived in Kailua is the combination of various ingredients of excellence and developing unique feelings of happiness to our customers.


1. The happiness of our customer is the most important.

2. Appreciation and respect for team

3. We communicate in a positive and proactive way

4. Follow the Ethics

5. We operate at maximum quality in our products and services

6. We believe in the system of rules and regulations and procedures

7. We respect the environment we respect the environment

8. We focus on improving. Always.